„Romeo and Juliet“

Loomise kuupäev 22.11.2018

On Friday, November 9th, students and English teachers (Julia, Jeferson, Priscila and Valentina) from Jõhvi Gümnaasium went to Tallinn to see the musical “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare in Salme Kultuurikeskus. The play was presented by The American Drama Group Europe. It was a guest performance and the whole show was in English.

This was a tragedy of clan war, of a town in violent chaos, riven by family feuds, where the deaths of two young lovers brought the warring factions to their senses. The play was performed with limited scenery so we could use our imagination. Live music, powerful choreography and a simple performance style allowed us, modern audience, to experience Shakespeare`s great love story as an audience might have done at a London theatre some four hundred years ago.

 All in all, it was a great theatrical experience and most of us liked it very much.


Berit Marie Sügis

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